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In Luka Račišće Bay
In Luka Račišće Bay
Surrounding a bay, the small village of Račišće is located west of Korčula town, on the northern side of the island. The village with its roots in the 17th century has been a place with centuries long maritime traditions - captains and sailors from Račišće have been sailing the world's seas for centuries. Apart from its door on the water Račishće can be approached only on one road on asphalt, which comes from Korčula town through Medvinjak, Žrnovska Banja, Tri Žala and Kneže. The road going west from Račišće is a macadam one, and due to that fact the village doesn't have any transit traffic.

Although by covering the coast with pebbles and gravel on the southern side of the bay a small beach has been constructed, folks who prefer real beaches would rather go to Vala Bay, 1 km west of the village (accessible on asphalt road) or even further to Samograd Bay. This latter is situated approx. 3 km west of the settlement, accessible on a macadam road. Both beaches in Vala and Samograd bays are covered with pebbles - without any amenities, left in their original beauty.

Račišće has a small hotel (Hotel Mediteran), and of course, just like any place on Croatia's Adriatic coast, a plenty of villas and private apartments available for rent. One can find a small Studenac grocery in the village and a couple of restaurants and bars. About them and about other details of interest you could find out more by browsing through our website - please take a look around!

Račišće from Gornja Punta
Račišće from Gornja Punta

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